How To Write A CV
and Complete a Cover Letter


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Do your Homework
You wouldn’t walk into an exam without studying. Likewise, you should not go into a job interview without doing your homework on the company where you may end up spending a lot of your time if you are offered the job. Read more arrow
How to Sell / Market Yourself
Think of the interview like a sales pitch, and you are the product. The job interview presents the perfect opportunity for you to show that no other candidate could be better for this position. Read more arrow
How to Write a CV
In the job application process, the CV is the key to opening the door for an interview. Recruiters sometimes receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for a single position. Read more arrow
Know your Worth
Jobseekers are often tempted to send an endless stream of applications in a bid to secure employment. However, a considered, targetted approach may yield better results if the candidate has defined career goals. Read more arrow
How to Hold a Successful Interview
A job interview can be an intimidating event for both the applicant and the interviewer. You are expected to demonstrate your best traits while under the pressure of intense questioning and scrutiny. Read more arrow
The Importance of Trust & Reliability in the Workplace
In every workplace, trust and reliability are key factors for management-employee relationships. Workplace trust is established when both employees and employers can feel assured that the other party will act fairly. Read more arrow
Do’s and Dont’s for the Interview
The job interview can be a very stressful event if you are not prepared. The intense scrutiny by one or a team of recruiters may lead to nervousness which manifests in unwelcome behaviours that could jeopardize your chances. Read more arrow
Child / Children and other Dependancy Care
For working parents, there is the added stress of making sure their children are in trusted hands while they are at work. Ultimately, you are the best caregiver for your child, but for many parents, getting help with childcare is the best option. Read more arrow
Time For Interviews
Well done you have managed to secure an interview for the job you are seeking. Time to put your best foot forward and research everything – that is needed. Do your homework – fully research what you have to do with regards to your work duties. Read more arrow

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